Shoaib – Dr. Monika Show on S&S Radio, Cornwall ON

Shoaib - Dr. Monika Show on S&S Radio, Cornwall ON August 19, 2019, Cornwall - A joint venture by Shoaib Sadiq and Dr. Monika Spolia, The Shoaib - Dr. Monika Show, is a great success.
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A Piano Player, Music Composer & A Music Director It was a pleasure to talk to Dinuk Wijeratne, a JUNO award-winning composer, conductor and a pianist, who has composed for a lot of artists and ensembles around the world.

Canada’s Kevin Martin to join World Curling Hall of Fame Three-time Olympian and four-time Tim Hortons Brier champion Kevin Martin of Edmonton will be inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame, it was announced today by the World Curling Federation.

India Day Celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Park in Montreal Montreal, August 15, 2019 - India Canada Association of Montreal (ICAM) carries over the tradition from Dr. Uma Shanker Srivastava of celebrating Indian holidays at the Mahatma Gandhi Park of Montreal.

French courses offered to immigrants by the Governement of Québec More people are eligible and financial assistance has been increased! Since July 1, 2019, a greater number of immigrants have access to free French courses offered by the Government of Québec, and to increased financial assis...
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राज़दार छुपा कर राज़दार ज़ख़्म सीने में ख़ामोश रहे लब मेरे परेशां हूँ आँखों ने सब कह ही दिया मेरी तबाही की लकीरें थी मेरे ही हाथों में बुझ गए मोहब्बत के चिराग मेरे हाथों से हैरान हूँ अब परिंदों ने भी छोड़ ही दिया शिकवा कर भी नहीं सकता तक़दीर से दोस्त ...

International solidarity The City of Montreal Executive Committee renews the program of solidarity leave favoring the exchange of expertise between the cities of the world Montreal, August 29, 2018 - The Executive Committee of the City of Montreal has approved the renewal of the Solidarity Leave Pro…